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VoiceMap is a mobile app –available on iOS and Android devices– that allows users to create and listen to stories based on location.

Stories have always given meaning to the world around us. Home is a story we tell ourselves, and sometimes it is a part of the story about being Away. Mount Everest, the Mississippi, the pyramids at Giza and the Berlin Wall are really just stories, told and retold every day. Your neighbourhood is a story too.

VoiceMap is a way of telling stories about places. It is a new medium, and while all the complicated technology that lives in your smartphone makes it possible, VoiceMap is also quite simple: it connects a voice to a location to create an experience that is uniquely immersive and intimate.

VoiceMap has two parts: one for storytellers and another for their audience. If our stories were bound up in books, the publishing tools at would be our printing press and our iOS app would be a library. But VoiceMap’s stories live outside, where people and places interact, and there is no better way of seeing the world through another person’s eyes.

  • Last modified: 2015/04/09 18:37