Vintage Broadcast

Vintage Broadcast is a website that offers classic old time radio programs for sale. Over 50,000 titles are available for sale as customized compacts discs or downloadable audio files. Sound samples are available to listen to on the website.

It also features a streaming audio channel that plays old time radio shows, via Live365.

A companion website, Radio Reruns, discusses the history of old time radio shows.

Radio Reruns are American radio programs broadcast during what is now known as “The Golden Age of Radio”. During the years 1930-1952, radio was king and America's primary source of home entertainment. By 1953 television passed radio in audience numbers and thereby the tastes of American popular culture had changed. This website discusses the popular trends of the Golden Age of Radio by using program ratings combined with a historical perspective of the period.

Despite the fact the last old time radio programs left the air in 1962, it's real heydey only lasted 22 short years. To better understand how radio evolved we'll breakdown the period in sections …

  • 1930-1934: Personalities
  • 1934-1938: Big Variety Shows
  • 1938-1941: Radio is Big Business
  • 1941-1945: Radio goes to War
  • 1945-1952: Radio thrives then battles television.