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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-The Vienna Jetschko Podcast ​features short Audio Drama pieces and Audio Fiction based on the writings of B. Jetschko. Although mostly focused on Horror ​and the Supernatural, ​few sketches ​and comedy elements can be found as well.+**Vienna Jetschko Podcast** is a podcast in which B. "​Vienna" ​Jetschko ​presents, among other content, narrated short stories, comedy sketches, ​and a serialized story titled //Dead Days// which is "the audio dairy of young woman dealing with work stress ​and the strange lack of dreams stripping her sleep of its recreational qualities."
-The podcast is currently on hiatus.  +{{tag>comedy ​free horror ​sound_effects}}
- +
-===== Titles ===== +
- +
-==== Dead Days ==== +
-An one-person audio dairy following strange occurrences troubling a young woman'​s sleep. +
- +
-==== Bucket List ==== +
-Non-Audio Drama, non-fiction series about influental people in the podcast creator'​s life.  +
- +
-{{tag>​free ​drama horror ​comedy adventure mystery}}+
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