Marc Vale

Marc Vale is a writer who has made his horror and humor stories available as free audiobooks.

Something's gone wrong with your GPS system and you think you've made a wrong turn somewhere. You look at a sign that reads: Welcome to Blue Lake, Home of the Tigers! The roads are twisty and could use some work. There doesn't seem to be much in this little town, or is there? Is there a couple of old people walking in the middle of the road looking like death warmed over? Did you just see someone run past you holding their hand with a blood soaked sleeve? Watch out! You almost ran over some kids riding bikes with bottle rockets. You should pay more attention to the road, it could be very dangerous.

Come listen to 6 twisted tails all connected to the little town of Blue Lake, because for some reason, All Roads Lead to Blue.

6 very short twisted humorous stories. Only an hour long, with cheesy singing.

Marie Fatan always wanted to know the truth about her father who died in the war. It took a trip to Romania for her to unveil his side of the family’s secrets, it took a kidnapping to find out her father was still alive.

In Strigoaie: The Romanian Witch, Marie takes a trip through Europe with her grandmother she barely knows. During their travels, Granna Lee tells a story of her childhood. Marie questions if her grandmother’s extravagant story, as it involves witches, is truthful, or made up to pass the time. After Marie’s returns from her travels in Romania, she settles in to her new home only to be kidnapped. The family secrets, once guarded from Marie (being related to a family of witches and the possibility of being one herself, the Fatan family’s long term membership with a secluded cult titled, The Society, and the dark secret that Marie’s dead father is alive) may be the only leverage she has to survive.

Join Marie Fatan as she is thrown into turmoil trying to understand who she is, and what her father knows that could kill her and her entire family.