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 +====== Treacle Pudding And Custard ======
-**Treacle Pudding and Custard** 
 ===== Homepage ===== ===== Homepage =====
-  * Website: [[​list=PL6Ud5kp_duOT45C2UkM4jvDC4ji5EEvJR]]+  * Website: [[]]
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-**Treacle Pudding ​and Custard ​by Princess Indigo**. The surreal adventures of Treacle81, a ZX81 who thinks she is a cat and Neddy the Elephant, ​Commodore 64 who cant stop himself turning into a pachydermTheir constant squabbles about the nature of reality are overseen ​by the Toucan of Great Knowledge and the Were-Wallaby of West Mumbai. +**Treacle Pudding ​And Custard** is a comedy audio series about pair of classic computers that accidentally become sentientIt is written ​by Princess Indigo, ​narrated by text-to-speech software, and presented as series ​of short streaming YouTube videos
- +
-Princess Indigo ​is a flame haired transgender artistwriterblogger ​and occasional Dominatrix. A tea loving, eccentric left-hander,​ with fondness for cats, creativity and eastern European accents. She first became known for her stunning hyper realistic digital images. She has now returned to her first love of writing stories and creating art.+
 +<​blockquote>​A quirky eccentric, text-to-speech comedy series about a Commodore 64 who turns into an elephant and a ZX81 who thinks its a cat.</​blockquote>​
 ===== Additional Links ===== ===== Additional Links =====
-  * [[|Return To Cat Mountain]] +  * [[​list=PL6Ud5kp_duOT45C2UkM4jvDC4ji5EEvJR|YouTube playlist]] 
-  ​+  ​* [[https://​​user-189681246/​sets/​treacle-pudding-and-custard-1|SoundCloud playlist]]
-{{tag>​comedy ​drama free}}+{{tag>​comedy ​streaming}}
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