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-====== Tor Labs ====== 
-===== Homepage ===== 
-  * Website: [[http://​tor-labs.com/​]] 
-===== Description ===== 
-**Tor Labs** is a division of book publisher Tor Books that is " emphasizing experimental approaches to genre publishing, beginning with original dramatic podcasts."​ 
-<​blockquote>​TOR LABS, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, specializes in experimental and innovative ways of publishing science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related genres, as well as other material of interest to readers of those genres.</​blockquote>​ 
-===== Titles ===== 
-==== Steal the Stars ==== 
-<​blockquote>​The first audio drama from Tor Labs and Gideon Media, Steal the Stars is a gripping noir science fiction thriller in 14 episodes: Forbidden love, a crashed UFO, an alien body, and an impossible heist unlike any ever attempted - scripted by Mac Rogers, the award-winning playwright and writer of the multi-million download The Message and LifeAfter.</​blockquote>​ 
-===== Additional Links ===== 
-  * [[https://​rss.art19.com/​steal-the-stars|RSS feed]] 
-  * [[https://​itunes.apple.com/​podcast/​id1259505930|iTunes link]] 
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