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-====== Tides ====== 
-===== Homepage ===== 
-  * Website: [[https://​www.tidespodcast.com/​]] 
-===== Description ===== 
-**Tides** is a science fiction audio drama series about "a xenobiologist trapped on an unfamiliar planet with hostile tidal forces"​ who is force to survive until she can be rescued. 
-<​blockquote>​Tides is a science fiction audio drama about life in extreme circumstances. It follows biologist Dr. Winifred Eurus, a member of the first manned expedition to Fons, an Earth-like moon wracked by extreme tidal waves due to its orbit around a nearby gas giant. When surveying ocean life her submarine is destroyed, leaving her alone to walk to higher ground before the wave comes back. Along the way, she makes notes about what she finds in the intertidal zone, and gradually realizes that some of the life there is more than what it seems. 
-Tides was created by Jesse Schuschu and Ayla Taylor, with Julia Schifini as the voice of Dr. Eurus. It is edited by Bridge Geene.</​blockquote>​ 
-===== Additional Links ===== 
-  * [[http://​tidespodcast.libsyn.com/​rss|RSS feed]] 
-  * [[https://​itunes.apple.com/​podcast/​id1321808251|iTunes link]] 
-  * [[http://​tidespodcast.libsyn.com/​|Libsyn website]] 
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