Wyken Seagrave

Wyken Seagrave is a writer who has made his Time Crystal series of science fiction stories available as free audiobooks.

The cosmic monopole has been wandering the Universe since the Big Bang. When it is finally trapped in CERN it triggers a disaster which will take fourteen-year-old Catriona O'Brien on an adventure back to the Big Bang and beyond in a desperate attempt to save the Universe from destruction.

Encompassing the whole history of the Universe and most branches of science, Time Crystal is an epic adventure story and romance that will hold you enthralled and show you new worlds both great and small which you have never even dreamed of.

When Irish school teacher Sam Fitzpatrick and CERN scientist Michael Zhang are absorbed by a black hole, they find themselves outside the Universe on a planet populated by gigantic insect-like Entroilians and Argolaths. The Universe is merely part of their elaborate lifecycle. Michael breaks the crystal machinery surrounding it and fragments fall into the Universe where time stops everywhere except near these crystals.

Sam can talk to people who hold crystal, and the insects think they can fix the machinery and restart time, so he tells his step-daughter Catriona O'Brien to collect all the fragments and bring them down the time tunnel. But handsome Hungarian entrepreneur Alex Karolyi knows that firefighter George Gabor will not allow crystals to be removed from CERN. When George tries to catch them Alex flees and Catriona tries to fly into the Time Tunnel.

In this podcast, Wyken Seagrave talks about developing, writing and podcasting of Time Crystal. He also explores the science behind the story, explaining which bits are invented and which bits are hard science.