The Strange Visitation

The Strange Visitation is “Christmas ghost story” written by Marie Corelli in 1904 (as The Strange Visitation of Josiah McNasson: A Ghost Story. The story is similar to the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol, in which a miserly wealthy man is visited by a supernatural creature on Christmas Eve in order to convince him to change his ways. It is presented as a dramatic reading by several narrators on LibriVox.

The Strange Visitation is a Christmas ghost story in the spirit of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was commissioned by the Strand as a supplement to its December volume of that year.

A hard-hearted millionaire is visited on Christmas Eve by the goblin-spirit of an ex-tightwad (now residing in hell), who takes him on a series of frightful dream-flights that convince him he must change his miserly ways.1)