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Space Rover

Space Rover is a Canadian science fiction comedy audio drama by Malcolm Wilson Multimedia. Set in the year 2142, the premise revolves around the adventures of disgraced shipping captain and his two electrical companions: an android and a hologram. After first releasing a pilot on May 31, 2013, further episodes are being produced and released of a planned six episode series entitled “A Man and His Machines”. It is dual-licensed under the free culture GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 licenses.

The year is 2143 CE, over thirty years since the Great Unification of humankind. After being kicked out of the Space Commonwealth transport fleet on disputed charges of gross incompetence, one Captain James seeks out a new life by purchasing a cheap refurbished spacecraft on Pluto, the titular Rover. He is soon also lumbered with a free android “inducement” – the peculiarly named Peter Gans Lee – and by the arrival of a rogue hologram worker, little do any of them realize what their new life is going to bring them in a hostile, and deeply absurd, universe…