Snow Ronin Audio

Snow Ronin Audio is an independent audio drama studio that produces RED SUN: Hajima, which tells the story of “disgraced U.S. marine turned classical musician, Miles Moto, and his struggle to restore honor to himself and his family by becoming a modern-day samurai in urban Los Angeles.”

After tours in Afghanistan and Iraq former U.S. Marine Lieutenant Miles Moto struggles to adjust to civilian life back home in Los Angeles. Plagued with guilt over a failed mission in Iraq, Miles also is torn between a career with his family's company the Moto Corporation or life as a professional musician. However when a former comrade from his unit is found brutally murdered while living on the streets of skid row it sets off a chain reaction that will force Miles to grow not only as a man but maybe even a hero.

Episodes can be purchased on the website, and audio samples are available to listen to.