The Sarahs

The Sarahs (The Sarah Lawrence International Audio Fiction Award) is an organization that promotes the creation of audio fiction through an annual award, contests, and podcasts.

The Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Award, aka The Sarahs, celebrates the best audio fiction currently being made around the world. Every year, our judges will choose three winners. The winners will receive cash prizes—1st place $2,000, 2nd place, $1,000 and 3rd place $500—at the award ceremony and be featured on our Serendipity podcast.

The award is sponsored by Sarah Lawrence College, an academic institution that fosters experimentation and playful creativity. Sarah Lawrence College has cultivated the talent of visionaries like Yoko Ono, Meredith Monk, J.J. Abrams, Alice Walker, and many others. The Sarahs —like The Oscars, The Tonys, The Bessies— honor the best of the best. It's time for audio fiction to have its own red carpet.

Here are fictional pieces by some of our favorite writers, producers and creative types. We hope these stories inspire you as much as they inspire us. Stories below will also be featured on our podcast, Serendipity.

Serendipity is radio drama for the 21st century. Presented by your hosts Ann Heppermann and Martin Johnson who have their own story to tell. Serendipity is the podcast of The Sarah Awards, celebrating and rewarding the best audio fiction from around the world.

Winners from the annual Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Awards.

The Very, Very, Short Short Stories Contest is our on-going contest to get you creating.