Sailor Moon Neon Goddess

Sailor Moon Neon Goddess is a full cast fan fiction audio drama based on the Japanese animated series Sailor Moon.

With the destruction of CHAOS the Senshi have finally found peace. However, the one who had been counting on CHAOS to destroy the Senshi is still in turmoil and pissed as hell. Now the shield that kept him locked in his lonesome Kingdom is slowly beginning to fade, but he still needs time for his powers to fully return. We jump to the 30th century where Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion rule. Unknown to them an evil like no other has settled on the Earth disguising itself. Yet, a prophecy spoken long ago in Silver Millennium before its fall is about to take place.

There will be those who will rise from their slumber, guardians who will have given their power to the now known Senshi. Goddesses/Gods with whom this evil fought and sealed. When the moon turns a blood red and the skies fill with a shower of lightning and the darkness strikes it's first attack, Terra will appear. One by one she shall wake the true guardians, and thus War against Ares will begin.

Yet as life would have it, there is another who holds the same power as Terra, and thus the Neon become divided. In the midst of this Terra will choose one Knight, a knight whose fate and hers unknowingly intertwine. For his path and hers have been written in the heavens and as she appears, his aid she will need. When the Knight's old enemy has become Ares personal ally and her life he will seek.

The Neon Goddess/Gods will this once have to join forces with the Senshi of this time. However, will they be able to overcome their differences before the Earth becomes nothing but rubble and death? Will Terra and the Knight be able to escape Ares' plan? Who will hold the true power of the Cresalus, Terra or the other who is like her? Will there be hope for the future?