The Prophecy of Diddle

The Prophecy of Diddle is a comedic audio drama about fairytale characters.

Every time you open a Fairytale book, the characters have to act out the story for the inside of your head.

This is all filmed for your brainbox at Fairytale Studios in the Land of Dahl, where all Fairytale characters live. The Land of Dahl is split into two territories, the Hans Christians' Republic (Ruled by President Hans my Hedgehog) where all the goodly folk live, and the Grimm Brothers Lot (Ruled by Cinderella's Stepmother or “Mother”) where all the bad folk live.

Mother has discovered an ancient Prophecy where following five omens, Evil will be allowed to take over Good and she can conquer the Republic and rule Dahl.

The only thing standing in her way is the counter prophecy of The Chosen Four, where the best of best - Cinderella, Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel - will join forces to build The Weapon of Valour; the only weapon capable of changing Mother's heart to good and stopping her taking over Dahl.

The Prophecy of Diddle was originally performed as a stage play by Nowra Players Theatre Group in 2001. The play was produced with the assistance of a Shoalhaven City Council Arts Grant and was well received by the public.

The author, Bryan Pike, decided to translate it into a radioplay and enlisted the help of some of the original cast members, actors he has worked with through film, and an international assemblage of Youtube impressionists to breathe life into it.