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 +====== PleasureTown ======
 +===== Homepage =====
 +  * Website: [[http://​​]]
 +===== Description =====
 +**PleasureTown** is a podcast that details the history of a fictional town through the individual perspectives of its inhabitants.
 +<​blockquote>​PleasureTown is a story-based podcast told in serial form that details the history of a little-known,​ failed Oklahoma utopian society.
 +The town's history is crowdsourced,​ piece by piece, by the producers, collaborators and audience members.</​blockquote>​
 +<​blockquote>​Classic radio meets contemporary cable drama in this fictional serial podcast about a failed Oklahoma utopian society and its eclectic residents. Betrayal, murder and hedonism abound in PleasureTown.</​blockquote>​
 +===== Additional Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​feed/​|RSS feed]]
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​id889419878|iTunes link]]
 +  * [[https://​​pleasuretown|SoundCloud page]]
 +{{tag>​free full_cast sound_effects}}
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