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Paladin Cycle

Paladin Cycle is a horror audio drama series that features a pantheon of Lovecraftian-style gods and cosmic entities and an impending war spanning multiverses with a small Texas town as ground zero for the first battle. The series is based on novels by Max Redford and Lita Stone and narrated by Ian Murray, with accompanying sound effects.

Paladin Cycle is a serialized audio drama where Cosmic Horror Meets Backwoods Texas . . . and from there everything gets a little bit strange as cosmic horrors tend to do. Join us bimonthly for this cross-genre romp.

The Paladin Cycle is a cross-genre bastard child of horror, contemporary fantasy, romance, drama and a whole assortment of multiverse strangeness that would make Lovecraft proud.

Featuring an entirely original pantheon and beings similar to Cthuhlu Mythos, Paladin Cycle will take you from modern Texas, to otherworld hellscapes and even a fleeting visit within the space-time continuum.

Are you ready to play with madness?