Page: New Voices In Fiction

Page: New Voices In Fiction is a podcast that that produces audio dramas from short stories.

Page is a storytelling podcast designed to connect listeners to new and unique voices in the fiction world. Each month, Page takes original short fiction from emerging authors and produces it as audio dramas, complete with narration, voice acting, music, and sound effects. Enjoy author interviews, discussions, and publishing advice each month as well.

Coyote's Ballad spins the tale of an ancient necromancer, Griswold Ritter Von Bitterlich, as he travels into the heart of the American Wild West to fulfill his end of a devil's bargain and deliver a briefcase full of money to Israel Ramses Jackson II. Fearful of encountering the Spirit Coyote, a trickster whom Griswold skinned alive a lifetime ago, the necromancer tries to compel Israel to return East with him to avoid traveling to his ancient enemy's lands again. When Israel rejects Griswold's offer to abandon his ambitions to be the only black cowboy ranching Bison in the States, the necromancer takes matters into his own hands and tries to force Israel to come East with him before the mad spirit Coyote enacts her vengeance on the man who skinned her all those centuries ago.