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The Owl Field

The Owl Field produces “virtual audio dramas” that place the listener as the main character in a binaural, 3D audio experience. Titles are available for purchase as digital audio downloads. One title is available to listen to for free.

Our virtual audio dramas place you at the center of the story in an immersive, 3D world. From a first person point of view, the events, characters, sound effects, and music will surround you as the story unfolds. An interrogator will encircle you, bullets will fly pass your ear, ghosts will whisper to you from above, all in a binaural experience.

You are the main character in the story. You open the door to the haunted house. You scramble forward in the dark, dense jungle. You sneak past the guard on a secret mission. Characters will speak to you and involve you as part of the action, and you will interact with objects and environments. And just as in real life, we do not use narration.

Every aspect is created specifically and exclusively for our productions, from the story writing, to the custom sound effects and Foley, to the cinematic score, creating a convincing form of virtual reality. Most of our productions feature a full cast of actors, and with a sound design mixed for optimal realism, these elements combine to create a truly immersive experience.

To best experience the 3D effect, use headphones and close your eyes. To fully immerse yourself, listen in a quiet environment.

A horror audio drama, recommended for ages 18 and older.

In this psychological thriller, you are at the mercy of a tormentor and forced to make an impossible choice. The pressure is intense and lives are in your hands. Can you find the strength to choose knowing they face a gruesome end?

A stealth action audio drama, recommended for ages 13 and older.

You are an intelligence agent on a solo mission to infiltrate enemy headquarters. The objectives are to evade detection and gather the intel. Time is short and the stakes are high. Can you fulfill your mission and avoid capture… or worse?

A survival action audio drama, recommended for ages 13 and older.

You've been hopelessly lost in the deep jungle for 4 long days. Supplies are running out and you're not the only one who's hungry… Weak and delirious, can you survive the night full of unknown terrors?

A horror audio drama, recommended for ages 13 and older.

You are a contractor hired to uncover the source of unusual noises in an ancient house. You're prepared for the bangs and crashes, but not for the whispers of the night… Will you survive alone in the dark?

A children's audio drama, recommended for ages 3 and older.

Oh no, Detective WonderHair has lost his pet and needs your help to find him! Become a detective too and join him on his quest. You can help solve the mystery by learning what animals like to do and making some new friends along the way!

A 3-part mystery suspense audio drama, recommended for ages 13 and older.

An officer investigates a horrific mass murder and a troubled family is suspected. Follow the events as one of these family members in a 3-part series, each from the perspective of a different member. Can you uncover the killer?