19 Nocturne Boulevard

19 Nocturne Boulevard is an award-winning audio drama anthology series, presenting fully dramatized tales of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance. The series creator, Julie Hoverson, also produces The Tone Didactic - a podcast where she talks about the various aspects of producing audio drama.

The stories on 19 Nocturne Boulevard feature a wide range of genres, storytelling types, and atmospheres. Stories may be original to Ms. Hoverson, or adapted by her (with varying degrees of liberty) from the classics - including such well-known authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Saki, William Hope Hodgson, Jorge Luis Borges, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, Susan Glaspell, Rudyard Kipling, and Joseph Conrad.

19 Nocturne Boulevard won the Gold Mark Time Award for best science fiction audio drama of 2008 for the episode “The Outpost” and again in 2009 for the episode “The Rookie”.1) Also, 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes have been downloaded over half a million times.2)

In addition to the anthology series, the website is host to several serial stories.

An unusual serial featuring a clown. It has been described by its creator as “if The Prisoner and Howdy Doody had a thalidomide baby”.

A standard western tale of a gunslinger turning over a new leaf - almost.

For years a notoriously fast and ruthless gunslinger working for the highest bidder, Lemuel Roberts turned over a new leaf nearly overnight - giving up the name, but not the gun, and trying to atone for the wrongs he'd done. But his reputation keeps popping up to plague him, and there are still places where he's a wanted man.

Lem alone knows the origin of his nickname, The Deadeye Kid. Most folks assume it's something to do with his unerring aim, or that “them what falls within his sights end up dead”, but it's far simpler - Lem sees, hears, and speaks with ghosts. It's a talent he (and a few others) had from birth, though Lem spent years denying, ignoring, and drinking away the phantoms.

Lem and his sidekick the elusive Clarence Fanshaw (a British travel writer) wander the west, seeking people to help.

A six part audio drama mini-series in the style of a dark anime. The main characters fight demons due to a family legacy.

  • Alice - has no memory beyond three years ago when they found her.
  • Chiyoko - must fight demons to appease her ancestors
  • Hyde - is the rich outsider with an unhealthy obsession with Chiyoko
  • Ken - “the Zander”

A science fiction series, produced by Hole With a Rock Around it Productions.

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