Multi Path Audio : Books

Multi Path Audio : Books is an interactive fiction audiobook player available as an app for iOS devices, with an Android slated for release in early 2016. Several stories are available for a free trial, with others available for purchase..

Each Multi Path Audio book is a multiple choice 'book on tape' with many different paths to take, endings, titles to earn, and ways to lose! The stories can be played on the iPhone or iPad using touch or voice recognition. At it’s core it is an entertaining audio-book and a hands-free time killer for those long trips in the car, plane, or bedtime.

The fun part is that you can play each audio book again and again, trying out different paths. You don't have to finish each game in one sitting, it will remember where you left off last. The way Multi Path Audio works is just like listening to a regular audio-book, except that you will have the ability to make a selection based on which way you would like to go. You can make this selection by either, speaking or touching the screen.

You can play each story through a couple times for free! Then if you like, you can purchase unlimited replays to experience all of the different endings.

Many books will be released over time, with different authors and various genres. As the stories are released they will show up in the app.

Start by downloading our first story titled The Purple Island Glow-Grubs written by Dave Strand and Kelly Levy with narration by Peter Hicks. It contains over 2.5 hours of audio, with 9 ways to win and 21 ways to lose! Each story line takes roughly 15-25 minutes.