Moya is a storytelling podcast set in the fictional Nation of The Peoples Republic of Moya, in which an agent investigates a pair of killings. The series is written and narrated by Ben Cutmore.

The people's republic of Moya. The PRM. The land is hard, cold. The fields are barren for nine months of the year and knee deep in snow for three. During summer we sweat and our skin sticks in the humid air. In winter the ice hangs from the rooftops, 15 inches long. And yet here we all are. Agent Nevin has been assigned to the outer sectors to help investigate a double homicide, however, things are rarely as simple as they may first seem in Moya. First is the bodies and the nature of the killings, then the strange tales that surround the place. A Nation is nothing without its people and the citizens of sector i42 hold the “spirit of self-reliance and self-development” that the nation was founded upon deep in their hearts.