Missing Maura Murray

Missing Maura Murray is a nonfiction podcast that details the investigation of a missing woman. It is an accompanying podcast to a video documentary The Disappearance of Maura Murray1) currently in production.

At 7:35pm, on February 9th, 2004, New Hampshire State Police are called to scene of a single car accident on Rt. 112. It was the intersection of Wild Ammonoosuc Road and Bradley Hill Road where a U-Mass Amherst student named Maura Murray vanished after she apparently lost control of her vehicle after a sharp bend. When authorities arrived not ten minutes later, Maura was gone. There has been no credible sighting of her since.

Maura wanted to get away from something in her life, that we know. In the ten years following the accident and her disappearance, a frenzy of theories - from the rational to the extremely far-fetched - surfaced in the online community. Blogs and topic boards have been dedicated to uncovering the mystery but more often than not the rational discussions break down. What was begun by well-intentioned individuals who truly want to contribute in a productive way, ripple-effects into insults, accusations, threats, multiple personalities and condemnable behavior.

Our documentary is focused on how this one incident, performed by one young woman trying to figure life out, borne this ripple-effect.

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