The Minister of Chance

The Minister of Chance is a science fiction/fantasy podcast starring Julian Wadham, Jenny Agutter, Lauren Crace, Paul Darrow, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann. It is based on the character of The Minister, a defrocked Timelord introduced originally in the BBC series Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, although its creators say that this story is not itself based in the Doctor Who universe.

Once Upon a Time there was a girl called Kitty who worked at an Inn.

One night a stranger walked in, and through a door, and over a bridge made of frost and into another World, and Kitty followed him.

The episodes are free to download. The series relies on funding from its listeners to produce new episodes. Four episodes have been release and a fifth one – being the last episode of Season 1 of the series – is awaiting funding before going into production.