Mazie Meadows Morning Show

Mazie Meadows Morning Show is an audio drama series about a radio talk show that broadcasts to a small town that is home to some supernatural occurrences.

The Mazie Meadows morning show was founded in 1975 by Frank Arlo and has continued to broadcast from 6-9AM every morning since then. The small community had a population of just over 250 at the time, making it one of the smallest communities to ever have a standalone radio show. Over forty years later, the show has expanded to new heights as the town has boomed. Yes, friends, our population is now edging 800 people! Considered a pioneer of small town talk radio, the MMMS looks to carry a rich heritage into the future.

The Mazie Meadows Morning Show has been running for 42 years, only to recently decide to take segments of the morning broadcast to iTunes in the form of a “podcast.” Mazie is a happy little town, just not 100% normal… Ask any of the residents. It's full of the unexpected and paranormal. From pleasant peculiarities like the unicorn that lives in the city park, to the dangerous creatures that live in the surrounding forest and prey on the Meadowians, this town has it all.