Maya Lassiter

Maya Lassiter is a writer who has made her young adult vampire story Conjuring Raine available as a free audiobook.

From San Fransisco's Tenderloin to the Dismal Swamp of North Carolina, human trafficking, vampires, and conjure magic combine in this sexy, funny, spooky story about Raine Black, a struggling comic strip artist with a gift–her comics come true. Enter Joshua: Raine's secret childhood friend, an abolitionist, and a vampire. Possessed by a revenge demon his vampire religion can't contain, Joshua just wants to get Raine safe from the demon, and from the other vampires, so he can kill himself in peace before the demon takes him over. But Raine thinks she can draw Joshua a comic with a happy ending, if she just has a little more time. And the demon has an offer. It wants to strike a bargain… with Raine.

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