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LightByDesign is a ministry that electronically reproduces Christian literature classics. While most of their efforts are in the form of written reproductions, the do offer a free audiobook collection of stories titled 3 from LightByDesign.

Three fascinating, action packed stories from the old holiness literature circa late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Our first story is called “Kentucky Mountain Outlaw.” Experience what the old west was really like in this autobiography of Charlie “Bulldog” Wireman.

The 2nd story from this collection is called “An Irish Saint” and it is the biography of Ann Preston who was also known as “Holy Ann.” Her unbelievable story was written by Helen Bingham.

Finally, Bud Robinson was a charismatic leader of the holiness movement many years ago. At one point, he was hit by a car and had to spend over 5 months in the hospital. He was not there alone. God's Spirit resided with him as you will see as you listen to the last of this trio of stories, “My Hospital Experience” by Bud Robinson.

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