The Librarian Diaries

The Librarian Diaries is a full cast audio drama series described by its creators as “a soap opera with a supernatural twist.” In it, Desiree McAllister is an empathic librarian, who has the ability to transport her consciousness into books where she can observe the stories play out in front of her. Her nemesis, Brooke Stanton, plots against Desiree and is obsessed with the librarian's love interest, Lucien Reed, an English literature teacher with an unusual secret that plagues him.

The series was created by Niki Wilkerson and is written and directed by Rhoda Cronebach. There are currently two episodes available, as well as a YouTube channel with the first episode available as a streaming video.

On a quiet street, in a quiet town, stands a modest brick building…

Shaded by blooming cherry trees and lined with beds of begonias, this noble institution contains volumes of knowledge where our friendly townsfolk flock to engage in learning, delight in research, and delve into worlds of literary wonderment.

Within the walls of the Valhalla Heights Public Library, our story begins with the ambassador of academia, Desiree McAllister, and her uncommon journeys.

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