LEARN is a science fiction audio drama series about the crew of a spaceship search for a planet to colonize, but encounter a mysterious alien. LEARN is part of the Goose Thunder Podcast Network.1)

A seven year, deep space mission leads a crew of five robots on a seemingly pointless journey. But when an unexpected visitor crashes into their ship, the Mary Jane- it's up to the crew to return their unexpected guest home. Will they be able to survive the challenges deep space provides? Even more so- each other? Follow Robert, Colin, Tiff, Sine and Maggie as they learn what their purpose truly is to the universe and to each other.

LEARN is a podcast in the genre of sci-fi/adventure and involve elements of the LGBT community.

The story follows five artificial intelligent beings with two simple mission objectives: find a planet for human life to thrive, and find Her.

Of course, the universe has different plans for the crew when an unexpected force of nature crashes into their life; an alien child. Leaving them no choice but to care for her, Robert and the crew have to find a way to not only to prevent the child's demise, but their own.

Mystery, romance, and hilarity ensue as these five bots try to figure out just what the hell they're doing here. And who knows? Maybe they'll learn something along the way.2)