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The Last Day

The Last Day (also referred to as The Last Day: Origins) is a science fiction audio drama about two friends, Steve and Silace, who live in a totalitarian society within a walled city.

There is a corporation in the city of Rivers called Kisonic Enterprises. They've released a new type of video game called NEW DESTINY. The full-dive virtual reality system uploads your mind into a computer and plays out your fantasies. Whatever you can imagine, you get to live out for the allotted amount of time.

Kisonic Enterprises stands to make billions of credits in a short amount of time with their game, which they say is geared by a learning Artificially Intelligent entity. They say it is alive. It is programmed to entice a person's imagination and bring it to it's extent. So far, only society's elite, and prestigious are allowed to test the game, as well as a select few citizens, who were randomly picked from the city. There's so much controversy behind the game that every TV show, magazine, and news article wants a piece of the story. Whatever the truth is, there remains only one way to find out.

Our story begins with two friends, Steve and Silace, who have taken it upon themselves to personally unveil the mysteries that lie within the New Destiny Arcade System. As they sneak into the facility, they target the best arcade machine available, and make their move.