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The Lapse

The Lapse is a podcast that presents true stories narrated with some accompanying sound effects and music.

[…] The Lapse is an audio-rich podcast presenting the best in true stories from across the globe. Utilizing extensive music and sound, we set the scene to feel the events as they transpire. Whether taking your parents to Burning Man, running a marathon across Antarctica, undergoing a government trial for Ketamine, or being wrongfully imprisoned in a Thai jail cell, our storytellers are as diverse as they are fascinating.

While the show's tag-line is “true stories, gussied up,” the stories are absolutely true and completely unrehearsed. Instead, each interview is painstakingly re-edited into a seamless story, weaving from interviewee to narrator Kyle Gest and back again. Our guests are everyday people, sometimes even first-timers, though you'd never know it by listening. With extensive foley work, our stories are designed to recreate the scene as it happened.

Everyone has a story worth telling. Sometimes it just needs a little gussying up.

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