Tracy Hickman

Tracy Hickman is a best-selling fantasy author (most known for his work on the Dragonlance series of novels). He has made a science fiction story titled The Immortals available as a free audiobook, read and performed by Tracy and Laura Hickman and includes sound effects.

The future story of United States Internment Camps … of the dreams of the pre-deceased … and of triumph beyond oblivion.

It's 2020, and an attempted cure for AIDS has mutated into a deadlier disease, V-CIDS. The U.S., under martial law, has set up “quarantine centers” in the Southwest. Searching for his gay son, Jon, media mogul Michael Barris smuggles himself into one of centers only to discover that it and the other centers are actually extermination camps. With a strange assortment of allies, including the leader of the camp's gay barracks, an army officer and a local cowboy, Barris precipitates an inmates' rebellion that promises the unraveling of the death-camp system and the overthrow of the government that established it.