The Horrible Plan of Horice Pickle

The Horrible Plan of Horice Pickle is a serialized story by Brian Hagan. In it, a villain hatches a nefarious scheme while the city's major superhero is away, but that hero's sidekick plans to put a stop to it.

Baron is Windsmith City's biggest super hero, but more importantly… He's not there. So when Horice starts to enact his plan, nobody is around to notice.

Except Baron's side-kick, August.

Just returning from Argentina, August has no clue who Horice is or what his plan might be. But when he sees signs that Windsmith City might be in trouble, he decides to do what any good side-kick would do: watch and call for help if things get really bad! Soon August's spying reveals that Horice is a strange and twisted man, but one question remains…

What is Horice Pickle's horrible plan?

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