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Hector vs The Future

Hector vs The Future is a comedy audio drama series by the producers of above_and_below about the curator of the “world's largest museum of curios, relics and forgotten technology” who must update the exhibits to prevent its closure. The show is recorded in front of a live audience.

The world's largest museum of obsolete technology is threatened with closure unless Hector - its cantankerous, turnkey-operated clockwork curator - can match the popularity of the cutting-edge Uptodateum across the road. Only George - the mild mannered in-house caretaker with the mysterious past - steps up to help him.

Does nobody care about history? Will anyone ever get to ride the NHScalator? How will postboxes, leeches and face-to-face conversation be remembered if the Obsoleteum closes its doors forever?

Meanwhile, the Uptodateum has its own problems to deal with, as harried curator Biz and her guileless half-hologram, half-robot assistant Phil struggle to keep their enormous glass-and-touchscreen tower constantly up to date. If only they could work out what to do with their ever- increasing mountain of outdated exhibits…

Each episode of Hector Vs The Future was recorded in front of a live audience at the dinky little Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London.