Gallowtree. (sometimes referred to as Gallowtree Radio) is a dark comedy podcast about the strange and oppressive British town of Gallowtree, “the first fully autonomous city in the UK overlooked by the sinister Mayor Ms. Lorna X.” Its creators, Max Black and Adam Aardvark describe it as a “British version of welcome_to_night_vale with a dash of League of Gentlemen1)

Between Junction 20 and 21 of the M1, there is a lost junction, J27b that leads to the East Midlands town of Gallowtree. Gallowtree is an experiment in self-government that can raise its own taxes, make it's own laws and you are tuned into the only radio station in town: Gallowtree radio.

The residents cannot leave the perimeter walls, but you can catch up the daily goings-on there; the megalomaniac mayor and her agents of control, the howling menhirs, the zombie tramps, the haunted toy shop, the evil florists…

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