Free Podcast Novel

Free Podcast Novel is a collection of free audio novels, as well some short stories.

Brace for Impact begins the mythology of Mick Aloha and Apocalypse Dowell, a couple of guys who journey across the U.S. Along the way, they encounter truckers, wrestlers, cowboys, and crazy middle-aged Japanese women.

Puddle Driver opens in a high-alt station where Streis, a data headhunter, awakes. The last thing he remembers is sitting at a booth in a bar in Osaka. He has to find out why he's been taken, which leads him to learn that there's much more happening than he'd expected, things much bigger than his own situation. As he gets closer to the truth, he encounters a cult based in Japan and phantoms that live on networks as he faces a past that he just can't shake.

King of Earth and Moon is a podcast novel that continues the adventures of Mick Aloha, Apocalypse Dowell, and the Kid. When the robots go crazy, these guys do things that might be mildly helpful. Will the robots take over the world? Will the Kid stop talking about his Visa bill?