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Dreamland is a mystery audio drama series, produced by Nerve Tank Media, about a Hollywood-area private investigator who is hired to track down a con artist.

Dreamland is a serialized fiction podcast that's part mystery and part dark comedy.

A single-minded private eye. A con artist with a grudge. A producer making ends meet and a stunt man at the end of his rope.

Just another week in Los Angeles.

Novice detective Lorien James has her work cut out for her. She's just been hired to track down a shrewd impersonator, and lives (and Hollywood reputations) are on the line. Meanwhile, Derrick Silver is about to land his dream directing job — or so he thinks. Knives are sharpened and sequels are pitched as two separate timelines converge.

A story about the stories we tell ourselves, and about finding the truth by accident.

Inspired by actual events.

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