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DREAM STATE is a science fiction audio drama series about a team of American federal officers investigating the mysterious abduction of the President's daughter. Assisting in the investigation is a clandestine organization that utilizes agents who have the ability to enter people's dreams.

On May 1st, 2021, a breach between conscious reality and the dream state is opened inside Rosemary Kennedy's limousine, and the President's daughter is taken.

All evidence points to CONCH, a clandestine government organization utilizing the uninhibited minds of psychopaths to develop dream-manipulation technology.

With suspicion on the government itself, Federal Internal Affairs Officers Nat DeVoure and Luke Marmaroth spearhead the investigation.

But when one of CONCH's own agents is murdered, the ancient cult known as the Order of the Dreaming Awake is suspected, stirring at childhood trauma Luke has worked hard to bury.

In hopes of recovering his past, Luke goes off his medication, making him increasingly unstable.

Months later, with the enigmatic cult still at large and Luke losing touch with reality, both he and Nat are officially taken off the case and CONCH's agents are all subpoenad for questioning.

Meanwhile, from the dark web, notorious hacker Gal Vixen takes advantage of the country's unrest in order to liberate CONCH's dream technology for the people.

But something abominable is hidden in the CONCH facility basement.

What would you sacrifice to make your dreams real?