The Devil's Sinners

The Devil's Sinners is an audio drama about a motorcycle club named Devil's Sinners based in the Midwest of the United States.

Promise, Illinois doesn't actually have much promise, despite the ad campaigns in the 80s when the town counsel tried to breathe new life into the waterfront by touting it as the perfect place to spend your vacations. By the late 90s, the town had become generations of the same families that had started it in the 60s. Some of the more prominent folks in town still tried to push for an Indian Casino,Resort and Spa joint, but the old timers wouldn't hear of it. Some of the modern day amenities had made their way into town, there were a couple of fancy coffee shops, two of those big box stores, and a chain restaurant or two. A couple of years ago, someone had tried to open a French Bistro off the town square. It became a business center before the year was out.

Of course Promise had it's share of crime, from the bored suburban adolescents to the meth heads that made their way into town looking for a cheap place to live. There were two or three small gangs. Stupid kids who wanted to belong to something, and they never much got out of hand, thanks to Colt Donovan. His MC, Devils Sinners have been around so long they were just as much a part of the town's history as its founding fathers. Colt's junkyard and metal recycling business, Metal City, had helped increase the cities revenue while giving his club a place to gather far from prying eyes. Tonight, the Sinners were welcoming one of their own home. Almost two years in prison, and Saul Hogan was ready to take back the seat at the table as the clubs Vice President. He hadn't been back in the clubhouse for more than two hours when he got into it with Doc. The boys knew better than to let that go on for very long, the feud between the two had festered in the months since Saul had been gone and the two had some beatings that each wanted to administer. They let them brawl it out, then separated them.