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 +====== Death by Horror ======
 +===== Homepage =====
 +  * Website: [[http://​​]]
 +===== Description =====
 +**Death by Horror** is a podcast in which host LonelyBob creates role-playing-styled stories based on horror movies, and then has his friend iMorpheus –who is unfamiliar with horror movies– play through them.
 +<​blockquote>​What you don't know...can kill you. LonelyBob enjoys his horror. iMorpheus knows nothing about the horror genre. LonelyBob crafts horror scenarios. iMorpheus attempts to survive said scenarios.</​blockquote>​
 +===== Additional Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​52HIT1Gaahzn|RSS feed]]
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​id970275929|iTunes link]]
 +{{tag>​free horror role-playing}}
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